SUMMER 2017DSC01949

June 10 – June 11: Mixed course course
A wild and inspiring weekend where we’ll throw all imaginable materials on the table – add and subtract, play with composition, opposition, and simplification – and glue, sew, bind, immerse and transform it all – into lovely picture boards and / or artists’ books. 😉

24-25. June: Universal and Spiritual Symbols
Here we’ll work with patterns like the MANDALA and FLOWER OF LIFE. As it’s summertime and the garden in full bloom, we also take a special detour looking at relationships between nature and geometry – based on Keith Critchlow’s “The Hidden Geometry of Flowers”.

Both courses are hands-on/ creativity-in-practice and take place at my studio G13 in Aarhus. Limited number of seats. Registration and further information – here – or on mobile (+45) 21471871

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